A true life partner, my blessings

A blog post that will in time become an auto biographical expert on my wife and family life. Hopefully it’ll gain traction and become a bestseller! My wife is like what a real life wonder woman would be like she if she from the phenotype of the original  woman of the earth. We all know what a real amazonian would look like perhapse a Wakandan: Hollywood’s second attempt at depicting her likeness got close with the movie Black Panther. My woman is strong when she has to be and nurturing when necessary. She does as she pleases with the styles in which she chooses to wear her crown. She loves on us all unconditionally and always speaks her mind. I met my wife in a vision, in a dream before meeting her in the physical I was a teenage boy at the time but I knew that this dream was a message from the Anscestors revealing to me who my wife will be. As I’ve explained to her on many occasions: I saw her in all white walking on a beach with two children  and a very prominent baby bump in her belly. I was in the dream seeing everything in first person very happy walking in slow-motion like luxury vacation commercial. I think she just loves me repeating what I saw in the dream just to try and hear if the story changed or if she can poke holes in it…she could be an interrogator, a leading  attorney in a legal firm, a prosecutor, a Supreme court Justice, all of the above in my wonder woman! Compassion and love: I’ve learned to empathize and show concern for others but meeting her made it make sense. With her my changes in points of views are rather esoteric, when she blessed me with the holy trinity, I gained a multitude of life’s valuable lessons, I’d give my life for them without Question. My testimonial’s the new testiment. Compassion and Love are a lesson within many lessons…


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