BACK to the matter.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to sit and gather some thoughts as a lot has gone on since the untimely passing of my older sister, my family’s purchase of our first home, my employers emplicit cosign and endorsement of this vaccine mandate, and all the nuances that come with the efforts of balancing work, family, and the pursuit of an entrepreneural mindset. It is said that all the events that are unfolding before our eyes, has been written. Whether it is prophecy for the religious or it’s the effect of history repeating itself for the modern theologistic rational thinkers, our reality is that we are warned thru historical records of major events, theological archives, biblical scripture, media, and even the propaganda Hollywood pumps out, we can peice together an idea of what the future will look like for the next generation. The covid 19 pandemic has taken a toll on every aspect of our lives. Form our businesses our family, the Job market, and our economy.
In terms of family many of us have lost love ones either directly related to this recent pandemic or had been hindered by the restrictions set forth by an organization that has been endowed with the authority by our government to set up rules that are reminiscent of a Dr. Susie classic, ideas and theories not backed by science and put out as factually researched practices that will prevent the transmission or spread of said viral pandemic. My frustration comes from many factors and potential variables we know, are speculative of, and are in a state of confusion about. At the on set of this  global pandemic we had a billionaire president who had no business in the arena of politics let alone holding the power of the world’s most revered military at his disposal and access to the doomsday launch codes. During this time my family and I were living in our apartment trying to play catch-up with our daily expenses, barely able to  pay the rent on time; my mind often overwhelmed with my ideas of starting a business, working on getting a raise/promotion at work, thoughts of going back to school, thoughts that can either help or harm our efforts of fixing up my credit so that we could finally be able to qualify for a loan on a home or on the other hand, let’s tack on a student loan that these democratic candidates use as a carrot to dangle in front of new voters who are also drowning in debt in the form of a promise to eliminate their student debt, each day we’re watching as the economy spiritual deeper into the ocean of debt that our leaders are seemingly confused about. Economists all over the media at home and abroad are all in agreement on the fact that we’ve gone well beyond the point of no return and all elude to the fact that all the major players are considering other forms of currency and diversifying their portfolios.

I’ve realized that I my self  have folded and fell in line with the policies of the wicked while subconsciously knowing that I’m placing my self in harms way in order to keep my job and conform to the G.O.D that they’re serving all in the name of keeping a roof over our heads I took the Jab in my minds eye this is my number one regret. With all this foresight and wisdom at my disposal I’m still a subject to it I swear this systems policies have been a nuisance meanwhile my current elected official Newsom is throwing big yacht parties while the rest of are making life decisions at the gas pump. If you’re conscious in this era you could read between the lines an know the rules of rulers define the policies of the peasants; inhail it and let that sink in; it’s hard nowadays to get some sleep in. Walk with me this is truly unruly, modern day biblical times. I figured I’d write about it since I’m not in a I financial position to act on what I believe to be the right path.
For you the reader may benefit from my grievances and ideas of solutions that surround my ego and support my cadences. I try to stay positive thru out this whole internal conflict full of walking contradictions that may place the minds of many on a low vibratory rate at its lowest frequency. The fact is poverty begets violence and causes crime and the one’s with will and criminal intent will either end up in caged or paid. With that being said at our inception we’re blessed with free will and with said free will we are endowed with the ability to will or manifest all of our material possessions, goals, desires into existence. Simply put one must be willing to make things happen, Literally speaking. I’m in the process of aligning my “will” with the times ahead keeping the focus on my mission statements, putting my thoughts and aspirations into action.


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