The art of the thinking man’s game


The Jab; In business we entrepreneurs must become well versed in the art of contracting
and as for this contact sport (Boxing) we must understand the intent of every punch we throw.
JAB is a British word that refers to injection like “getting a shot” in American English.
as defined its an uncommon Slang that we use to describe a type or style of punch.
In contract law An acceptance is “a manifestation of assent to the terms [of the offer]made by the offeree in the manner invited or required by the offer.” as we all know the reality is
that the Jab can be offered or presented in many variations, moreover the way in which your Client, customer, opposition, opponent assents to your offer presents many options in terms of the manner in which they choose to either accept, counter, or reject it.
Much like forming a contract, in the Ring your stance (Intent) your body language
(Language in the body of the contract) the manner in which you present your
proposal (Crisp Clean Jab) will almost guarantee a ROI (return on investment) i.e.: an acceptance to your offer. That being said; on this canvas on which we stand when you throw your Jab you are essentially making an offer so be prepared to either give or receive “Tha Business.”

Walk with me, the parallels of business and the thinking man’s game of boxing are striking. like Dj Khaled say’s: “Another one” Were here to bring out the best in you!

# 2

The Cross; depending on how lucrative your Jab (offer, proposal, or sales pitch) is, your opponent (opposition, client, or customer) will only have the options you present in the terms of the offer. the Cross is powerful it can Close /Seal the deal, (win the contract) end the bout lay out your opponent but on the other hand (literally) if thrown wildly and out of proper stance to balance ratio it can cost you the offeree the match(lost contract) the deal breaker which can open you up to all kinds of trouble. that being said the Cross is to be used wisely and only following the (Crisp Clean) Jab (offer)
We want you to do good business and stay ethical. Keep it a clean fight.


The Hook: like the Cross this is and can be either a game changer or a match ender. Being one the most dangerous punches in a fighters arsenal this will leave the most lasting impression on your customer, client, opponent, adversary, or opposition. The Hook is where you must literally step in get up close and personal to your target using a combination of your calves most major muscle groups in the back, the rotational motion of your hips pivoting leg, and the arch of your  arm to hit your target. In business all of this can be related to marketing and advertising. In marketing you’ll be required to cater to your target audience’s needs; advertising what your business has to offer and promoting your product or services as a must have. All hooks need not land at the core (body) but must show that you mean business. Head shots welcomed! This may seem violent but it’s the nature of the game as capitalism is to the markets of third world countries. Business is fair game but for the thinking man or female entrepreneur (fighter) we adapt and conquer, we meet our clients needs, we bring solutions to our customers, clients, competitors, opponents oppositions, problems. The Hook for a fisherman is used to pierce the either the inner wall in mouth of the fish or sometimes the gills in order to real it in and in boxing we real our opponent in by landing that crisp clean Hook to the body or head depending on your intent or whichever route that could get you the K.O.


The uppercut: as the name implies this is yet another devastating tool in a warriors arsenal (sometimes referred to as the undercut) it can be used to either initiate or end an onslaught or barrage of punches or combos. this punch is most effective at close quarters and is delivered in a sharp yet snappy vertical motion in line with your opponents solar plexus. Much like the hook, generated from the ground thru the calve muscle, off the pivoting leg, to the rotational force from the hips, to all the major muscle groups in the back, shoulder, and finally thru the arms and fist. Like an EMP to a circuit board without a faraday cage, it could be lights-out for whosoever is on the receiving end of a cleanly placed uppercut; the potential energy behind this explosive yet tactical punch is a show stopper in and of its self. This is why when it is either slipped or landed all the onlookers in the audience are in aww of what could or what would have occurred. In Business it is highly important to express or emphasize the value you are providing to your customer; In boxing your foot work to get inside after you’ve gotten (up-close and personal) your stance, (business structure) and the execution or delivery of said product or services can be testament of the added value you can offer… head and eyes up I hope your still walking with me. For potential or current, client and opponent or adversary; this is a marketing tactic the will set you apart from you competitors, earn you a ton on ad Revenue, while you get free exposure or advertisement. Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing. so hit em with tha WOMM! ya’ll heard what happened to so-and-so when they stepped up to so-and-so:

Lets get your business and your hands critically acclaimed!…

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