Let’s get it! AU Ready!

As a youth I was fortunate enough to be taught the thinking man’s game of boxing. In the hood as young boys we use to slap box which would sometimes escalate into a full on fist fights, especially if feelings got involved with either party or neighboring street crews at times. When we got to our teenage years things started to get outta hand when guns and drugs got in them. My father understood that discipline and self control was necessary so he managed to find a way to get me into a boxing gym to help keep me out of trouble, keep me in good health, and keep my mind sharp. I grew to love what some may refer to as a form of martial art practiced with gloves called Boxing. Lessons learned from my time as a youth boxer at my local community boxing gym became a benefactor to not only my health but also my self-confidence and self-esteem. At the AU we intend on bringing these benefits to the youth of this community and infuse it with financial literacy education, as all our future entrepreneurs will utter financial terminology and principles thru their combinations and counters while on the heavy bags. As we all know; the minds of our youth are more malleable at an early age than when they think they have arrived, or think they know everything….(teens)
Intelligence and ignorance can coexist but shouldn’t comingle, nerve-wrecking annoyances trifling irrational resistance to knowledge and wisdom. As Seekers of knowledge all we can do is try and encourage others to listen, teachings are referred to as jewels I’m glistening, who so ever is here to lend an ear, subconsciously framing a train of thought all aboard, I truly wish and hope we’re all on one accord, join us their should be more of us mentoring making mention that we’re on a mission gifting back to the ghettos unlearning certain ideologies and some habits to let go. Let’s get it! AU Ready!


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